Digital Art Programs- The Good, Bad, Epic, and Ugly

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Digital Art Programs- The Good, Bad, Epic, and Ugly Empty Digital Art Programs- The Good, Bad, Epic, and Ugly

Post  LupinAKAFlashTH on Mon Mar 01, 2010 6:24 pm

So I decided to make a list of good, awesome, bad, and terrible art programs. This is for stuff like handrawn art, not pixel art/sprites.
However, this does include 3-D modeling.

Let's begin.

-Paint Tool SAI (The best, and relatively cheap (just $20-$30 dollars for a liscence). Even though brushes seem limited, even the standard come-with brushes get the job MORE than done. If you started a picture, but haven't been liking the way it looks, this is a good program to remake it with.
-(3-D Modeling/Animation) Metequosia (spelling error?) (Great for making 3-D models, but to export models, you have to buy it)

Good Art Programs
-Photoshop CS2+ (Relatively nice, but certain features can't be made easily, and commonly the blur tool doesn't work properly on large pictures. It's also expensive.)
-GIMP (This is actually better than Photoshop to me, as it is free, and many more things can be done with the basic package than you can with photoshop.)

Bad Art Programs D:
-MS Paint (Better for basic spriting, hand drawing is almost impossible.)
-Ultimate Paint (Once again, better for spriting, however it is better for MS Paint and has better features. Useful for pixel-by-pixel editiing
-Macromedia Flash (I know this is animation, but quite frankly, you are able to draw in it. It is much better to draw frame by frame in Photoshop/Gimp/SAI and import the pictures into it if you're making an animation.)

-(3-D Modeling/Animation) Blender (Is freakishly impossible to use unless you've taken master-class courses on it, it is free, but is extremely hard to learn and operate)

That's it~ Feel free to add to the list~


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